Several RADAR instances exist than can be used for different scenarios.

If you want to realise an own scenario, don't hesitate to contact us: info[at]

Information about the components of the RADAR infrastructure can be found here.

Logo RADAR-OPEN RADAR-OPEN is a playground where any user can be active in any way he or she likes. This instance doesn't have any local focus and can be used for arbitrary scenarios.
Logo RADAR-KL RADAR-KL is an instance specifically set up for open scenarios related to Kaiserslautern. On this instance, you can find, e.g., contents about the "Nacht, die Wissen schafft" from May 20th, and soon also for the "Lange Nacht der Kultur" that will take place on June 25th.
Logo RADAR-StadtKL RADAR-StadtKL is the official RADAR instance of the City of Kaiserslautern. Here you find, among others, lots of contents about Kaiserslautern sights for visitors of the City. Please note that registering on this instance is only possible via the City of Kaiserslautern or DFKI!
Logo RADAR-Berlin RADAR-Berlin is our instance for Berlin-related scenarios. Among others, you can find contents for the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" that will take place on May 28th.
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